Vlotterkering® – a self-closing water barrier

Worldwide application made possible by simple design and the materials used. Vlotterkering® is designed to be a self-closing water barrier integrated into a dike or embankment that protects the land and its inhabitants from extreme water surges. Vlotterkering® is a flexible self-closing water barrier. It consists of a cement basin and a float with a steel panel lid on top that serves as the water barrier. When the Vlotterkering® is not in use, the float rests in the cement basin integrated in the embankment.

It is going to happen. The Vlotterkering® is actually being built.

3/20/2023: The Limburg Water Board wants to make the Maashoek, in the Limburg monastery village of Steyl, flood-proof for the future. Click here for more information …

Keep your feet dryFor more information, benefits and possible applications, click here …. You can also watch 4 videos, we posted on the website.

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